Who We Are

Ordinary People Attempting Extraordinary Things

Who We Are

  The Shayla Bee Fund is an organization with the following Mission Statement. "To help, responsible, working class families with a child in medical crisis." 


Generally Shayla Bee Fund does not solicit donations. We love to tell the story of what we do & how we do it, the rest is up to the individual. Most of our revenue comes from event based fundraising and voluntary donations. All events are underwritten by a 3rd party, remaining financially independent of the Shayla Bee Fund.  


Shayla Bee Fund events are independent both organizationally and financially. We also appreciate the support of other 3rd party events promoted by people or organizations that may have no affiliation with the Shayla Bee Fund other than being supporters. We have developed a 3rd Party Event Protocol that all 3rd party events are bound by, through an application and approval process.  


With our 501-C3 application approved in March 2010, EIN # 26-2577504. We are now able to apply for corporate and public grants that we otherwise have been ineligible for.  


Beginning in January 2014,


Ø  Lindsay became full time Administrator as we began to offer additional family services and support.

Ø  Started kids group called Mini Bee's.

Ø  We were able to increase our financial aid to families through a new "Greatest Need Program"

Ø  Began to provide financial aid to Shayla Bee Families that have experienced the loss of their child.  


A primary goal of the Shayla Bee Fund is to limit administrative costs to 10%, making 90% of funds raised/donated available to assist families under our Mission Statement and By-Laws. We strive to do this in such a way, that others in our communities choose to participate, contribute or hold event based fundraiser to benefit the Shayla Bee Fund.  


Bottom line, we have a proven record of doing exactly what we have said we would do, per our Mission Statement and By-Laws. I am proud to have assembled a General Board of unquestionable integrity. A Board and group of supporters that want nothing other than to help kids and families in our area that we may not even know.  


As of January 2018 we have accepted just over $750,000 in contributions and we can account for EVERY PENNY of it. Not every dollar, every penny!  


Rather than 10% overhead, to date we have been able to keep our overhead to less than 8% and we are honored to have served 144 Shayla Bee Family's.


Lindsay Perez, Administrator, Shayla Bee Fund

Shayla Bee Area's
Buena Vista County
Cherokee County
Clay County
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Emmet County
Kossuth County
Obrian County
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Pocahontas County

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